The following is a list of hotels for which we negotiated a discount rate. Please make a reservation yourself and mention IABEM 2013, Universidad Catolica to obtain the rate. Also state clearly the hotel name when contacting the corresponding reservation office as some handle reservations for several hotels.

Foreigners who present their immigration slip/passport and pay in US dollars or with foreign credit card don't pay VAT. Otherwise you will be charged an additional 19% VAT (not included in the prices below). Hotel prices given in Chilean pesos (CLP) will be converted to US dollars using hotels' own rates if you want to make use of the VAT exemption. Confirm at check-in to avoid disappointment. The current exchange rate is about 480 Chilean pesos for one US dollar.

Here is a map with the hotels from the list. They are all in the neighborhood of Metro Line 1 (linea 1). To get to the conference, take this line towards the west (direction San Pablo), change to line number 5 at Metro station Baquedano (also on the map) towards the south (direction Vicente Valdés) and get off at Station St. Joaquín, right in front of campus St. Joaquín of the Catholic University. For more details see Practical Information.

(Just to warn you, Metro Line 1 has a station Universidad Católica which is not the right place to go for IABEM.)

Hotel Rate Closest Metro Station
(all Line 1)
Park Plaza
Avenida Ricardo Lyon 207, Providencia

Reservations:, phone (56-2) 372 4073
Rooms incl. breakfast,
single from 137 USD,
double from 160 USD
Los Leones
Park Suite Lota
Lota 2233, Providencia

Reservations:, phone (56-2) 372 4010
Apartments excl. breakfast,
with one bedroom 100 USD,
with two bedrooms 135 USD
Los Leones
Tulip Inn Hotel Presidente
Eliodoro Yáñez  867, Providencia

Reservations:, phone (56-2) 2358015
Rooms incl. breakfast,
single from 35.100 CLP,
double 46.300 CLP
Club Presidente
Luis Thayer Ojeda  558, Providencia

Reservations:, phone (56-2) 233 56 52
Apartments incl. breakfast,
with one bedroom 47.900 CLP,
with two bedrooms 58.300 CLP
Eurotel Providencia
Guardia Vieja 285, Providencia

Reservations:, phone (56-2) 411 58 00
Rooms incl. breakfast,
single 51.000 CLP/110 USD,
double 59.000 CLP/120 USD
Los Leones
Eurotel El Bosque
Avenida El Bosque Norte 0124, Las Condes

Reservations:, phone: (56-2) 618 81 00
Rooms incl. breakfast,
single 51.000 CLP/110 USD,
double 59.000 CLP/120 USD
La Sebastiana
San Sebastián 2727, Las Condes

phone: (56 2) 658 7220
Apartments incl. breakfast,
studio (single) 120 USD,
standard matrimonial 141 USD,
standard twin 147 USD

Budget Accommodation:

Hostal Don Alfredo
Alberto Henkel 2360, Providencia

phone: (56 2) 205 59 29


Single, double, shared rooms with breakfast,
with and without private bathroom.
Single with private bathr. from 18.000 CLP,
double with private bathr. from 24.000 CLP


Los Leones


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