Practical Information

Getting to Santiago from the airport

Santiago International Airport is located approximately 20 kms north-west of downtown. There are different options for getting from the airport to the city: airport buses, airport vans, and taxis.

Airport buses
There are two bus lines, Turbus and Centropuerto (all go to downtown). The buses leave in front of  the terminal. During the day they run frequently. Tickets are bought directly at the bus. They cost about 1800 Chilean pesos (about 4 USD). Once you arrive to Santiago you can use the subway (METRO; map). Most people get off the airport bus at the METRO station "Pajaritos" or "Ecuador" (line 1) and take the METRO to their final destination.

Airport vans
There are many vans that serve the airport (see below). One of them is Transvip. You will find the Transvip booth in the main airport terminal.

Inside the main terminal when you exit customs you will find official taxi booths. There you can arrange for a taxi to take you to your destination. The cost of a taxi depends on your final destination. To the Catholic University it is about 7000 pesos per person in a van or 16000 pesos per taxi. It is not common to tip the driver. Immediately upon exiting customs you will likely be approached by people asking whether you need a taxi. For your safety we recommend that you use the official transport offered by Santiago airport. Taxi booths are also at the first level in the central hall, and at national and international arrivals.
Radio Móvil Turbus: 24 hours every day.
Phone: (56 2) 677 3600

Taxi Vip: 24 hours every day.
Phone: (56 2) 677 3000

Taxi Oficial: 24 hours every day.
Phone: (56 2) 690 1381

Reciprocity tax
Citizens from countries which require visa for Chilean citizens but who themselves do not need a visa to enter Chile (USA, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Albania) must pay a reciprocity tax before going through International Police. The counters are clearly signed. We recommend to carry cash (US dollars), though major credit cards are also accepted. The current amounts are:

Australia USD 95
Albania USD 30
Canada USD 132
Mexico USD 23

Public transport in Santiago

Public transport in Santiago can be payed with prepaid cards (tarjeta bip!). They can be purchased in any station of the Metro. The cards cost 1350 pesos plus the amount you want to charge it with, and each fare is 550-660 pesos. This is the only way to use buses. For the Metro also individual tickets are sold in the stations.

Location of the workshop
IABEM 2013 will take place on the Campus San Joaquin of the Catholic University of Chile (Avenida Vicuña Mackenna 4860). It is opposite to the metro station San Joaquin (Line 5), south-east of downtown. During the morning (6-9am) and the evening (6-9pm) Line 5 runs two services, and only the red one stops at San Joaquin.
Map of the Santiago subway system
There will be signs that guide you from the main entrance of the campus to the Building San Agustín of the Faculty of Engineering (see the map below, right at the main entrance).

San Joaquin campus map

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